Spain Le Dolo Skin-on Pork Belly Strap 300g

Spain Le Dolo Skin-on Pork Belly Strap 300g

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Le Dolo pork comes from Catalonia, a semi-autonomous region in northeastern corner of Spain. It borders with the Mediterranean Sea to the east, France to the north. Catalonia is a key sector representing 3/4 of the general meat production; Catalonia makes 2/3 of the Spanish pork meat exportations. The plant critically controls all processing stages according to the European regulations, strives to deliver the highest quality and safety guarantees to the customers. Farm pigs are feed naturally with cereals, the pork meat is low fat, tender, flavourful and succulence, good choice to healthy diet.

  • Upto European regulations
  • feed naturally with cereals
  • Without the use of anti-biotics,hormones etc. 
  • Traceability
  • Vacuum skin packaging

The tender and juiciness of Spain Le Dolo Skin-on Pork Belly strap makes it a prime ingredient for recipes like crispy pork belly or succulent Chilli-and-marmalade-glazed pork belly.

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