US Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef Short Ribs 800g

US Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef Short Ribs 800g

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Open Prairie American hormone-free Angus natural beef in Korean kalbi style, also known as "flanken", refers to a strip of beef cut across the bone from the chuck end of the short ribs. It is delightfully fatty,  juicy and chewy. Cooked with the bone attached can enhance the fragrant.

Korean kalbi(short rib) is used in Korean bbq and other delicious dishes, using Open Prairie short ribs as an ingredient just make it even better. It is also free off antibiotic and artificial ingredients. The cattle are allowed to roam freely and fed 100% with grain. 

Korean kalbi can have two types: 

Three bones and four bones.
Three bones come from between the rib ridge and chest, characterized by its exquisite marbling and the shape of bone is usually flat, especailly suitable for Korean bbq.
Four bones is closer to the waist and usually rounder and thinner shape,marbling is less intense, the price is also cheaper than the three bone counter part.

Our product is using the three bone type, expertly cut into the preferred shape of Korean people. Such cutting method helps to preserve the rich flabour and quality.
Sous Vide or stew can preserve the short ribs' rich beef flavour and essence.

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