US Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef Ribeye Thick Cut 1.4kg

US Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef Ribeye Thick Cut 1.4kg

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Open Prairie Natural Angus Prime striploin has no hormones, anti-biotics or additives added. Cattles of Open Prairie is allowed to roam naturally in the pastures and fed with grain. Its strict regulation help meet or even exceed the USDA natural beef standards.

Open Prairie retains the flavor of beef with fresh, thick and rich layers of natural beef fragrant. Such premium ingredients require only simple cooking and any method of cooking can produce great result.


Premium Thick Cut

Exclusive premium cutting method that reduces exposture to air in order to preserve its optimal quality. It would taste and look exactly like you have just purchased it directly from a  butcher. Traditional freezing method causes substantial wastage whereas our exclusive method can minimize unnecessary wastage. Customers can therefore enjoy maximum quality with the best price.

Defrosting instructions:

It is recommended defrost it in the chill  compartment of the fridge for two days and place it at room temperature four hours before cooking. Then starting cooking procedures after its temperature drop back to room temperature.
*Out exculsive cut ribeye steak should only defrost once and consume immediately after defrost. It is not recommended to re-frozen after thawing.

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