New Zealand Beef Tenderloin (Whole) - Approx. 1.4kg

New Zealand Beef Tenderloin (Whole) - Approx. 1.4kg

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The tenderloin sits beneath the ribs, next to the backbone and the part is scarcly used by the cattle. Therefore it contains little fat, much softer and more tender than ribeye or striploin.

New Zealand beef is mainly purely grass-fed.

Cattle grow in a clean environment with fresh air and rare allowed to graze naturally. It effectively reduces the chance of infections or other health issues. Grow in a healthy and happy environment, it absolutely helps to elevate the taste of meat. Meat texture is rich, relatively low fat, lean and fresh.

There are numerous way to cook the New Zealand beef tenderloin, whether Chinese or Western style is equally delectable.

Whole piece tenderloin usually consists of three segments. *Please remove the excess fat and fascia from the meat before cooking*

  1. First section(Tip):  used as a steak or stir fry;
  2. Second section(middle): generally used as Philly steak while recently becoming more common in making Beef Wellington with this part;
  3. Third section(tail): used for stir frying or stew, classic dishes include Russian beef tenderloin stroganoff or Hungarian beef stew.

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