Brazil Pork Bone sliced approx. 800g

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Brazilian pork bone as the name implies, is used as a soup or porridge base for its sweet taste and nutritional value. They are rich in protein, iron, calcium and bone collagen as well as other nutrients. It is believed to help development and growth of children and delay aging for adults.

Pork bone needs to be submerge with water for an extended time to get rid of the blood and fat residues. If not, the soup will appear clouded and a lot of impurity surfacing.

Many argue about wether to use cool water or hot water to cleanse the bones before cooking. It should be decided according to circumstances. If you are using the bones as soup base then cold water is better since you would want to preserve the bone marrow for the taste. Slowly increase the temperature with bones in cold water help to clear out blood and impurity from the bones. 

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