Lucky Classic Dishes Gift Set

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The "LuckyClassic Dishes Gift Set" includes eight delicacies (for 8-10 persons):
‧Rejuvenation -slow-cooked beef ribs and beef ribs, carefully slow-cooked, the beef ribs are soft and tasty, and the beef ribs are rich and sweet.
‧Money Full House  -secret brine money belly, fragrant, moderate hardness, smoke tough and slag-free.
‧Family Bliss  -braised coconut palm sugar hooves, rich in collagen, the taste is fat but not greasy, soft and loose.
‧Wonderful Fortune  -The chef’s secret recipe concocts pork knuckles, the skin is soft and elastic, and the meat is soft and tender.
‧Double Your Money  -traditional hand-stewed pork loin, rich in protein, brine flavor, thick meat juicy.
‧Bountiful  -ancient secret method of pork belly, fat and thin, thick and sweet, thick, sweet and plump.
‧Continuous Prosperity  -a first-class sesame-flavored soy sauce chicken, carefully selected hormone-free chickens, homemade marinated, bright color, fragrant skin and smooth meat.
‧Surplus Year After Year  -Golden fish balls, delicious taste, smooth and elastic.
‧Endless Wealth 1 pack

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