Taiwan Hsi-Ho Mahi Mahi Fillet 300g

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Hsi-Ho makes good use of the local resources to manage processed fish products from the coast line of ​​Guishan Island in Yilan, Taiwan. The seafood products are from the pure and non-polluting shoreline in Yilan. In order to maintain the best product quality, Hsi-Ho Food insists that the raw materials must be processed within 5 hours after catching to maintain the freshness of the seafoods. The processing standard is strictly controlled to ensure that the products are safe and hygienic. Hsi-Ho Food has been operating for more than 50 years, the quality requirements are still very persistent. Taking "fresh, safe, hygienic and delicious" as the company's philosophy, and obtained HACCP certification in 2008.


Selected high quality Mahi Mahi along the Taiwan coast, using the C.A.S. technique to ensure the freshness and taste for the fish. 

The cooking method of pan-frying and roasting is recommended. 

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