Canada Northern Gold Alberta Beef Ribeye 300g-1 pack

Canada Northern Gold Alberta Beef Ribeye 300g-1 pack

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Northern Gold AlberttowerBeef is the highest quality beef in Canada, marking Canada's unique story and taste bud experience, making the cattle raised by the farm rancher proud. Moreover, genuine Canadian imports ensure that customers feel confident and assured of the brand and origin.

Brand with a rich history accumulates in the deep-rooted family values,gererations  of experiences and highest enthusiasm、responsible Pursue of healthy and sustainable high-quality beef.

The ranch carefully considers every detail and takes care of all animals, giving free open space, fresh air, and rich nutrition, including lush green grass, high-quality feed, fresh air and clean water.

Only use human hands to carefully select the excellent genes of rare cattle to ensure that the highest quality Northern Gold beef has extraordinary quality, outstanding taste and good taste, and the overall performance meets the market's expectations.

Canadian Northern Gold Alberta Beef Beef Rib Rib AAA+

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